Monday, January 10, 2011

Bring In 2011 With A Haul

I just wanted to show you guys a few things I picked up here and there - kinda a personal mini celebration to the new year... type thing...

Okay, ha ha so I don't exactly have a reason for this haul except for my pure JOY and necessary but whatever. I started this haul mid December to early January. Here goes:

1) Maybelline Colorsensational Lipstick in Warm Me Up:
- Finally! Finally I got one!! I will have to do a Product Battle with this and the Revlon Colorburst lippies. So far - I LOVE the color but hate that it is kinda drying.

2) Wet n' Wild's Coloricon brow and eyeliner in Taupe:
- LOVE this stuff!! This is my 2nd pencil. They've gone and redone this pencil but the color is the same. I noticed that this one is a bit more pigmented than the other one so I don't need as much. And I find that it stays on longer than the old one. Way to go on the reformulation WnW!

3) Jordana Incolor Fabuliner in Black:
- It's one of those liquid pens. I have been wanting to try out liquid eyeliners but I just did not enjoy my last experience w/ liquid eyeliners so I figured I'd go pen form. See how this one plays out. So far - LOVING IT!! REVIEW SOON :)

4) Maybelline's Oil Free Eye Make Up Remover:
- Not my favorite but since I got it for free - I'm not gonna complain. I wouldn't recommend this for anyone else really - well, unless you got it for free, like me.

5) Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Lotion:
- So I have major sensitive yet dry skin and this is like the perfect lotion for me. I think this is pretty much my Holy Grail. I've tried a bunch of other lotions but this is probably the best.

6) Victoria Secret's Fragrance Mist in Peony Freesia:
- This is overall my favorite purchase. I have been reaching for this all the time! It's like a body spray but it lasts longer and it is $2.50 at VS... don't know if their semi-annual sale is still going on.

I am definitely not done. Wet N' Wild is 50% off... how am I suppose to resist that?

Have you guys hauled anything AMAZING lately?

So I just wanted to let you guys know - for those of you who follow up with what is going on in the world...

The recent shooting that killed 6 people, including a 9-year-old girl, and wounded many others, including a Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, happened in my hometown. She is still in critical condition. The gunman walked up to her during one of her meet-and-greet events and shot her point-blank. The bullet went through and through... luckily she survived and is now responsive.

It definitely came as a shock to us as a community. I can't believe something like this happened. I just can't believe it hit that close to home. I live 30-40 mins away from the place but I have friends who live 5 minutes from that place. I have met the Congresswoman, watched her debate, and voted for her.

My heart goes to the family who have lost loved ones - especially the little girl who still had so much life to live.

In time of crisis, we must learn to support each other. No more hate - we can't afford to shed anymore innocent blood.


  1. My mom was telling me a little about that shooting (I don't really watch TV so I haven't paid much attention to the news)- it's so sad.
    That Aveeno lotion is seriously amazing! One of my new favorites, too.

  2. aveeno is my HG lotion :) sorry to hear about the shooting, but I def agree that in a time of crisis that is when people really need to support each other and not fight each other

  3. I was sickened and saddened by that tragedy. I'm really rooting for her to pull through.

    I keep hearing great things about the Aveeno lotion. Do you use it on your face or just your body?

    (Haha...yes, she's named after the drink! ;)

  4. I agree completely with you. We can't let politics divide us or resort to violence because we disagree with one's beliefs. Unfortunately, unless there is great change experienced, this won't happen. :/

  5. I want to try Aveeno lotion. Is it greasy?

  6. I got the perfume version of Peony Freesia for only $11! It smells really really nice!And I'm so sorry that something so horrible happened so close to home for you. My heart really goes out to the families, especially of the 9 year old girl.


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