Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Winter Casual

Hmmmm tonight is OFFICIALLY my last night of Winter Vacation.

I know, some of you would think: Jeez - you're still on your Winter Break? Yes, it is true.

Because of the shooting on Saturday in my hometown, President Obama made a visit to our campus today. I went to hear him talk and it was a moving experience. I def. teared up a couple of times.

Ugh... it's just so sad!!

Anyways, I just wanted to show you guys a few picture of a look I did awhile back. This is what I call: Winter Casual.

* Eyes:
- lids: MAC Trax
- crease: MAC Sketch (a little bit)
- lips: Rimmel Moisture Extreme in Dusty Rose

♥ Went and got Wnw Silent Treatment for $1.50! W00t.
♥ Went hiking with my friends yesterday - DANG - what a work out - DANG - how out of shape am I??
♥ Felt pretty horrible/nauseous the other night... that was bad.
♥ School starts tomorrow... sad sad! Can't wait for Spring Break!
♥ Great - looking for a job AGAIN! Hate doing that b/c it is just so hard to find anything these days. Please comment for suggestion and advice. I'm looking for pretty much any place.
♥ Trying to make this blog into more than just a make up blog... I'm still a complete no0b about it (does anyone still use n00b anymore?)

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  1. Thanks for entering my giveaway! But the link to my giveaway actually leads to your blog LOL! =P

  2. lol I still use noob :) my vacation ended a long time ago but i'm ready for another one already!

    can't wait to see some looks with the WnW palette, i still have yet to pick up one to try yet

  3. Pretty look! :) Hee hee...sometimes I'll say "noob" or "newb" too.

    (Thanks for answering my q! Alexa isn't blond but're right. :P I actually didn't notice it until you pointed it out. I just liked their outfits. ;)

  4. You look great in the photos. Btw, thanks for the info. I'm pretty sure to buy it now online.
    I haven't tasted the coconut waffles yet. ok, I will check it out.


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