Friday, January 7, 2011

I Just Performed an Exorcism on My Make Up + Swap Anyone?

I started buying and, I guess... "collecting", make up for about 2 years now. Today, I decided that I need to PURGE this "collection" so that I don't have a drawer with random stuff I don't use anymore.

This is a MAJOR PURGE - I haven't gotten rid of so many things like this EVER! So here is what I had to say goodbye to:

* WnW'd Ultimate Touch Powder - have this for way too long but never use it b/c the color is ORANGE-based. No thanks WnW... even though I did get this for 0.79 cents :)

* Revlon Colorstay Eyeliner - Yes, all three!! They all dried out on me. I got to the point where I would drag the pencil really hard on the back of my hand and it wouldn't even work. WTF?? Looking for drugstore, creamy and good eyeliner - if anyone can recommend me any... that'll be GREAT!

* Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush eyeshadow - it came to be broken, I fixed it with alcohol but it recently broke apart again. I figured since it is so close to my Milani's Java Bean, I can afford to throw it away since I'm never gonna use Java Bean up.

* Too Faced Shadow Insurance - I like UDPP better. Plus this is starting to separate and that just gross me out.

* Elizabeth Arden palette - my dad got this for my mom when I was... 13? 8 years-ish... YUP - BYE BYE.

* Elizabeth Arden lip glosses in the pot - too old too old! Though they were quite pretty.

* Lancome's lipstick in Pink in Limo - I didn't like this color at all. It applies with difficult and just doesn't compare to my other Lancome lippies. It had to go a long time ago.

* Revlon's Creme Blush - it was too drying - hard to apply and didn't last long on my face. I NEVER EVER reach for it.

* Revlon's Colorstay Mousse Foundation - I like the coverage and the light feel but it was a weird color and I've had it for so long that the oil is starting to separate from the product. Quite nasty if you ask me.

Others not pictured

* ELF's blush in Innocent - one of those old $1... hate it. Really powdery and doesn't show up on my face at all.

* ELF's shimmering facial whip - again - product is separating and it is gross.

* NYC eyelash curler - one of my oldest! And it sucked. Ha ha!

* Elizabeth Arden eyeliner

* Trash and other packaging still lying around


Move on to something more interesting: SWAP!!!

So I have products that I rarely touch but still usable. So I figured instead of throwing those away, I would like to swap them with some of you or maybe just send them to you for free - as like a weird giveaway... not really... type thing.

Of course I'd rather swap for these but if it's not possible then I don't really mind just giving you guys stuff.

Comment with your email if you are interested, you can judge how much is used by the pictures:

** Old packaging of WnW's blush and bronzer.
Tahitian Bronzer
Pearlescent Pink Blush

** Milani Glimmer Stripes in Honey Glimmer

** Revlon's Illuminance Cream Shadows in Coastal Blues

** Jane's Blushing Plum ** Far RIGHT - a favorite of mine but I just have way too many other blushes to give this any attention!

** Maybelline Colorsensational Lipglosses in Sweet Tooth
** NYX's Mega Shine lip gloss in Frosteed Beige
** Revlon's Super Lustrous lip gloss in Pink Whisper
** Revlon Lustrous Lipstick in Wink for Pink


- if you don't want to swap - choose at least two items so I'm wasting too much money on postage

- if you want to swap: here are some things I'm interested in & I want pictures as well;
Please send me stuff that is still usable and not way past expiration date. All of these products are just not my style, my color but I still find them usable.

** Covergirl's eyeshadows --> preferably neutral shades
** Eyeliners --> want them to be creamy to apply
** Eyeshadows --> mostly from Wet N' Wild or NYX's singles
** Surprise me!!! Ha ha... I honestly don't really know.


So yes, I totally recommend you guys to purge your collection as well. I feel very content after this massive clean.

I hope this is one step to making 2011 a FRESH START!!!!


  1. I do not want to swap but is it possible for you to give away the Milani Glimmer Stripes in Honey Glimmer and Jane's Blushing Plum... Pretty Please?

  2. I hope these babies will find a new loving home soon ;) Have you tried Prestige eyeliners? I've heard good things about them!

  3. How did the jane blushes perform I been wanting to try them but I wanted to get them on a bogo. I'd be willing to swap I have a couple of urban decay pencils half size that I have doubles of and way too many wet n wild.

  4. Jane - I might be able to do that; I'll get back to you as soon as I get in touch w/ Alex.

    Alex - could I please have your email?

    Fifi - Thanks! I really don't wanna have to toss these too.

  5. my email is for some reason I thought you would be able to see my email when I posted under google account.

    reread your post I also really love milani liquify pencil its really similar to urban decay pencils but in less colors.


  6. its i accidentally was on my boyfriends gmail so the comment above is diff.

  7. If you're looking for an inexpensive drugstore liner, try Almay's Lasting Eye Pencil. It's basically the same thing as Revlon's Colorstay. I had mine for over a year till I used it up, and it didn't dry out on me. The only downside is they have a limited color selection. =P

  8. I just did a major cleanout of my collection too! I agree with Alex about the Milani Liquif'eye metallic eye pencils, they are really similar to UD 24/7 glide on pencils very creamy and super dark.

  9. i havent done a major clean out for 2011
    but in 2010 i cleared up a whole bunch of items
    i wish i took pictures!!

    thanks for sharing :)

    the swap/giveaway is a great idea! :)


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