Monday, August 24, 2009

Confession of a Blush-aholic

So, my make up collection is growing. Actually, scratch that - it's not really a collection. I don't buy stuff just to have it. I really buy stuff because I think I could really use it. And I have a drawer full of make up. I would say 35% of it is blush! Blush blush blush! No matter what, I just keep buying it even though I know it is impossible for me to use them all up! But I don't swap my blushes away either! I don't know. I just really love BLUSH! It is an essential thing for me to have for my daily make up routine. So I'll share w/ you by beautiful babies.

1) The PINKS

- WnW's Pearlescence Pink: I love this (some say it is a Nars Orgasm dupe) but it has the golden glitter that makes me not want to wear it for everyday.

- Jane's Blushing Petal and Blushing Plum: amazing blushes! So cheap and so wearable for everday :D


- Revlon's Honey Bunch: one reason I don't swatch for this is the packaging. It looks so pretty! And though I barely use this (I don't know why... b/c I love the color) I'm planning to keep this til the end!

- WnW's Spotlight Peach: one of my favorite blushes! I wrote a review and even place it as a product spotlight. Yes, I adore this baby. Oh, and you get 9 grams! DANG!

- CoverGirl's Pretty Peach: I think that's the name. One of my first blushes I ever bought for myself. It is so pretty although I wish it was a bit more pigmented on my skin.

** - Maybelline's Mineral Powder Blush in True Peach II: recently got it and very pretty - although I hate using mineral powder things.

3) The MISC Colors

- Revlon's Rose Petal: I think that's the name. It's kinda a mauvy-pink color. Another blush that I got since the beginning. I like it although it as a bit of a sheen to it. I use to apply it w/ a scratchy brush that it came w/... oh good old times :)

- CoverGirl's Deep Rose: Perfect color for the winter - when I'm all pale and stuff. It is like an apple red color. Very pigmented! Weird smell though - that goes for all the CG cheekers blush.

- NYX's Terracota: Adore this color! Peachy, corally, bronzy, but goes on a really really natural pink! LOVE IT! I believe this is my most expensive blush at $6-7. Yeah, most of my blushes I got on sale :D The only thing about this blush is that it isn't matte so there is a bit of a problem when it comes to wearing it everday. But I do love this color!

** - Milani's Luminous: Been wanting this for awhile but finally swapped for it! Yay. It's pretty good so far. Kinda has the same problems as my NYX.

4) Finally, Cream Blushes!

- Maybelline's Mousse Blush in Rose Petal: I really like this blush!! I love it but it has golden specs in it and so I can't wear it everyday because people will def. ask why my face is sparkly! But I love it nonetheless.

- Revlon's Berry Flirtatious: I like this cream blush - very pigmented and has great potential to last awhile. Not the biggest fan w/ the color but it will have to do for now. Best part is - it's MATTE! BUT it is hard to blend!

- Jane's Blushstix in Shimmering Pink: Not too shimmery. Smells bad - hey, I already did a review for this so I don't really want to repeat myself.

- E.L.F's Colorstick in Pink Lemonade: Smells bad. Kinda have the same shimmer as the Jane one. Def. not my favorite! Still usable though.

That's all I have. Well, it's a lot! But yeah. I tell you I love blushes! This leads to my announcement of:

I've decided to do a 10 Pan Project or whatever the order of the words are suppose to be. Can you see the words in the pic? On this computer, I can't see it at all!

So far:
+ Neutrogena Ance Stress Control Cleanser
+ Burts Bee's Lip balm (my 2nd or 3rd tube I think)

My hope is to hit pan on one of these blushes! I hate for them to go to waste.

Well, that's all for now.



  1. great post! i'm a blush addict myself haha i was thinking of doing a post like this also , showing my addiction to blushes..good luck on the 10 pan project!

  2. yep, good luck on the 10 pan project! it's the same thing for me with the maybelline mousse blush, it made my face super duper sparkly, like a disco ball! Didn't work out so i gave it to my friend...^^

  3. Hello!

    I love your blush collection and it's very good to have them to use them, not just to own! I'm going to check out that WnW blush with stripes tomorrow. :) Milani Luminous doesn't really show up on me because I'm so dark, I have to layer it but it's still lovely! Blushes make up most my collection too. ^^ We're so much alike! :D

  4. Hello!

    Thanks for commenting on my blog. ^^ I wish I lived at home because I loooove my mom's cooking haha. Oh man, I was browsing the drugstore today for gifts for a swap/international exchange and saw the new Revlon blush that looks like a MAC MSF and almost got it for my friend but then I remembered your review for it! hehe Thanks for the heads up! It was expensive too. Ohhh Rimmel is 40% off at Walgreens now. I love their blush (Peach and some tan color), check it out! So cheap haha


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