Sunday, August 23, 2009

Let's get WET and WILD!

Man, I hope this title won't show up on some porn search. But really, why the company name??

First... I just need to rant!

So I'm gonna rant now... so if you don't want to read... well you were warned!

- So I went to see Inglourious Basterds w/ my friend today at 11:00 and I had work at 2:00 so I was sorta on a time crunch. The movie is 2 hrs and 32 mins long so it would give me 30 mins to get to work which isn't bad. BUT the actual movie starts at around 11:15 so I was LATE! I had to text my manager and tell him that I'd be late and someone has to stay a bit longer. So I did taht and that worked out fine but the guy sitting next to me was pissed off that I was texting. SO, at the end of the movie, as I was about to leave, he was like "Well, I hope you enjoyed your little texting. Well, have a nice day and have fun w/ your texting". I knew he was mad so I said "Oh, I'm sorry about that." but he went on and on and was speaking really loudly - like across the theater loudly - "BYE!!" and so I was really annoyed and said "Bye" back to him. What a jackass!

I get that he's mad that I texted - I get bother sometimes by that too - BUT I GET OVER IT! Also, I wasn't do it to spite him while his little charade was aimed right at me. Some people are just ridiculous. And I'm still annoyed. I wasn't embarassed - maybe that's what he was hoping - I was embarassed for him. I'm just annoyed that some people will go to the extreme about something that isn't worth being rude for. HONESTLY! Get a life!

Have you guys ever been that pissed off about someone texting during a movie? Did you feel like being a b**** to them too?? I just want to know if I was out of line on this one.


Okay I'm done :D

But I need to talk about some make up now - because this is a blog about that :) Not about my life. Okay, so I want to talk about: Wet n Wild!

Specially, Wet n Wild palettes:

WnW Trio - Mojave Mauve; Expression Eye Palette - Sand Castle

+ Oh lord are they PIGMENTED!!
+ Such pretty neutrals!
+ I have so much neutral browns now that I don't think I'll need anything new ever again (not true but...)
+ Nice mirror so great for traveling
+ Each shadow is nicely packed and is not powdery
+ I don't get fall outs :)
+ Um... Love that taupe color and burgundy color in the trio (I haven't used the big palette as much yet)

+ All shimmery shades - I wish there was a least one or two mattes
+ Um... that's pretty much it
+ Some colors don't WOW me

Overall: 5/5
You can't beat the price!! Both under $5 and the quality is GREAT! I don't have much eyeshadows but I do know some bad ones result in terrible powdery texture all over the place and terrible pigmentations! But not these. Of course, higher brands have not just quality, but awesome color selection and this is why WnW isn't a high end brand. But I'm satisfied! I don't need those colors because these ones will do a great job for now - especially for a make up beginner, like myself.

So, that's all for now. I just also like to say that "school is starting for me TOMORROW!" and that means my posting will be decreasing a steady rate. Just to let you know :D

Thanks for reading.... and oh by the way, I really liked Inglourious Basterds. It is prob. my favorite Quentin Tarantino movie - so go see it!! But becareful about who sits next to you ;p


  1. lol on your rant...btw was the movie any good ? hehe

    great review on the wet n wild palettes.. i never really noticed them before but i'm going to have to grab some the next time i'm at rite aid or cvs!

  2. Hello!

    That guy at the theaters was way overboard, it wasn't like you kept texting throughout the entire movie! I'm glad to hear you liked the movie, it got good reviews.

    Great review on the eyeshadows. I love all the colors in the Wet and Wild Sand Castle palette. I have tried eyeshadows before and I always look terrible with it on, I'm so bad at application! XD Oh school is starting on Wednesday for me... no more daily posts for my blog either hehe

  3. Thanks for the makeup review! I've heard great things about the Wet n' Wild eyeshadow palettes. It definitely has improved through the ages... hehe~

    I hope things will go well for you especially the first week of school, readjusting again.


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