Wednesday, August 5, 2009

ELF Eyeshadow Brush Make Over

I'm sure everyone should know the ELF $1 eyeshadow brush by now! It is famous among the make up community especially online! I a proud mama of two of them and I have to say they don't disappoint... until they break on you.

I kind of expected it - being $1 and all. With the first one, the brushes and the handle just came loose by themselves. With the second, I dropped it and it came loose and eventually I just pulled them apart.

Now, this might upset some of you guys but honestly... it's not hard to fix w/ SUPER GLUE! My sister had a project that she needed superglue for and I just grabbed some of it and glued the two back together. Now, some of the glue gooed out so there was remnant of glue on the handle. I took care of that w/ some stickers.

Here are my newly decorated and fixed up eye shadow brushes! YAY!


  1. I love ELF stuff, especially their lippies. I have not tried any of their brushes but I heard their new Studio Tech line is really good! I need to wait until I finish up some lip stuff before I make another mega order on ELF! LOL Thanks for the post, your brushes are cuuuute.

  2. OMG those brushes are TOO CUTE! Love this idea!


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