Friday, August 14, 2009

Give me, give me more... reviews

When I started this blog, I wanted reviewing to play a big part in it. However, I find reviews means more writing - and more writing means more work - and more work sucks because I get very lazy.

BUT I've gotten over that today for a brief moment to write a new review and hopefully will help you in your decision next time you're at a drugstore or something.

I am talking about the Revlon Mineral Finishing Powder in Sunkiss.

** Terrible cropped pics b/c I've never taken a picture w/ it by itself.

First thoughts:
+ Hmmm, does it look like something... I don't know... I can't put my finger on it... OH RIGHT! THE MAC's MINERALIZE SKINFINISH... DOI!
+ It looks very pretty - colors of tan and gold together. Might make a lovely bronzer w/ golden touches. Nice to highlight with. Good summer glow.
+ Yikes $13.99, that sucks but def. cheaper than the MAC's MSF if it does turn out to be a dupe.
(Oh yeah, I always abbreviate when I write 'definitely', dunno why)

Okay, so those are my initial thoughts when I was at the store, couple of months ago, in April, I think.

Final Thoughts:
+ Pretty color
+ Healthy - talc free and all that

+ Really really sheer - not enough pigmentation
+ Looks like pure shimmer


Okay, so maybe that's not a lot but point is you put this stuff on and it doesn't show up or it shows up as shimmers... it doesn't have any colors so I don't get why it even has colors. It just wasn't worth it for the $14.

So I would say don't buy it. If you want a pretty baked mineralized blush or bronzer or whatever, look to Prestige for that. I hear that might be better and cheaper too (maybe, I don't get Prestige here so I wouldn't know).
I ended up swapping this for something else. Sorry Revlon~ Has anyone else tried this?? Did it work for you? Let me know :)


One last note, KC from Cambo Soup is having a give away contest!! Her blog is awesome - please check it out.

Here's my entry:

It's nothing crazy but it is something I'd totally wear. It just looks like you can wear it everywhere - party, casual, school, work! I love that the outfit is pretty neutral but then the shoes and the belt makes a statement - kinda bold statement too.

I was so new at this site that I didn't know they had tons of pages of clothes. I only thought they had one page for each clothing category. But anyways, I'm glad I don't have this much clothes because I'd be so confused what to wear all the time... but it would be nice.

Hope you enjoy this post and I hope you guys have a good weekend!

- TOodles!


  1. Hi ndoodles!

    Thanks for the review of the Revlon product, it's expensive so your bad review will save me some money!

    Oh, great outift! Those earrings, shoes, and bag are all so cute! I liked your explanation of why you put it together as well. Thanks for joining my contest!

  2. Aw, that sucks! I've been thinking about buying it, too.


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