Sunday, January 10, 2010

Alcohol Saves the Day

Some people use alcohol to drink their sorrows away... or some people use it to go from "Rachel, the desk assistant" to "Rachel, life of the party".

I use it... for MY MAKE UP... and OH MY GOD did it help me out so so so much!

1) I use it every time I sanitize make up items that I've swapped for. I put the alcohol (I got the cheap one 50% isopropyl acohol) in a spray bottle and spray what ever item I want to disinfect. It works on any powder and lipsticks (which are the ones I always get anyways).

2) I use it to mend my stuff. So I bought a Victoria Secret baked eyeshadow and we all know that baked items are EXTREMELY fragile... and of course it came broken. No need to fear I thought, I just need my alcohol and I'm all set!



* I just crushed the shadows that were loose w/ a spoon
* Then I used a quarter and wrapped it around a napkin - sprayed that w/ alcohol
* I sprayed a bunch of alcohol on that shadow and PRESSED!
* Ta da - of course, there was no way I can actually make it back into the cute dome shape that it was but heck, it is still usable and doesn't make a mess everytime I take it out.
* Now, I have no idea how the alcohol actually make the product stayed together like that... if you have a clue, let me know :D I'm curious!


* This method does get messy. I think I lost about 10% of product but that's okay. It was totally worth it.
* I think the paper is extremely important in this method! (Disclaimer: I'm not trying to promote Albertson in anyway...)

3) Finally, I use alcohol to wash my brushes! I know that brushes get a tremendous amount of bacteria build up. Your skin has tons of bacteria living on it and think of a brush just taking up some of that everytime it touches your face. With the oil that comes from your face... bacteria can form colonies and it is just a disgusting mess!

So alcohol is ESSENTIAL! Now, I know 50% ispropanol is probably not the best (I was CHEAP!) but some is better than none.

I followed EnkoreMakeup Brush cleanser recipe and it works great. 40% approxmiately is alcohol!

So I think that alcohol, no no, not talking about the stuff you drink (ethanol... and such) but ISOPROPANOL is very important as a disinfecting agent and also... powder mender.

I hope this helps someone out there :D

See ya! Thanks for reading and stopping by.


  1. Thanks for this post :D I've always been curious about fixing broken powders this way...but never got to test it out :P Reminds me I should be cleaning my brushes more often XD

  2. I knew that you could press powders with alcohol but I'm too afraid to try it myself.

    I dropped my mac blush the other day (pissed me off big time!) and it shattered into pieces.Maybe I'll try pressing it. Thanks for the good post!

  3. Yeah, pressing it really works... especially since it's like "What do you have to loose, your powder is already messed up".

  4. Hello!

    Oh my gosh, it's been such a long time. I apologize for my absence and lack of commenting. I think I'm ready to return to blogger though. :) Thank you so much for your well wishes and the lovely message on my c-box, it meant a lot.

    I just wanted to say I'm still a huge fan of your blog and look forward to catching up on all your past updates. I agree that alcohol is super useful in swapping and mending powdered/broken makeup. :) Great tips!

  5. Hi Kalmo!! Glad to have you back :D!


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