Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Beware and Take Care!

Apparently (I read somewhere) that lip cancer has increased and people (scientists - I think) believe that it is caused by shinier lip glosses and lipsticks.

This makes sense because us girls are looking for shiny lip glosses to give us fuller looking lips! And plus they are just really pretty.

From Maybelline's Shiny-licious to Lancome's Ultra Shiny Lipgloss - companies are catering to our demands and we need to be careful.

Now - I'm not saying that shiny lip glosses cause cancer but I'm saying that there are speculations in the scientific world. Whatever it is, lip cancer is rising and it just ISN'T WORTH IT. NOW - I'm also NOT saying that we should toss our beloved shiny lip glosses/sticks I'm saying that we need to learn to protect our fragile lips.

So I come to you w/ a few solutions:

Remember Softlips... well it has SPF 20! HECK YEAH! You put this underneath all your lip stuff and BAM! you are protected my friend... for awhile. Do remember to reapply!

Not a Softlips fan - well Blistex is your friend.

* I'm sure many other lip balms out there have SPF. These are the only 2 I've come across. Too bad I don't think Burt's Bees have it... SO SAD! They're my fav. lip balm.

Maybelline's Extreme Moisture lipsticks have SPF 15; So do the Revlon's Lustrous Lip glosses! WOOH! Beat that!

Those are the ones I know about - actually my Lancome lipsticks also have SPF 15 too... I think. NOT SURE ABOUT THIS ONE.

If you know any others... please share your knowledge.

Thanks for reading... I'm going to bed now.

URGH for school! Only 2nd week and I already messed up. I thought this is suppose to get easier. GUESS NOT!


  1. Nice post =) Not sure why but SPF dries the hell outta my lips. I think I will try mixing a bit of sunblock with my Aquaphor since none of my lipglosses have any protection.

  2. ive heard about lip cancer too but idk much about it. but thanks for sharing :)

  3. Thanks for the post! I've been hearing about that too. Will have to be on the lookout for more lippies w/ spf!

  4. Clinique glosswear lipglosses are super shiny and sticky but I wear 'em anyway, they have SPF 15 :)

  5. thank you for the sweet reminder :) we really need to be careful about the stuff we put on our faces as some ingredients may be damaging in the long run. thank goodness YSL rouge voluptes have spf :D

  6. Hey! Good for you! I found the original posts.

    Here's the news release:

    And here's the original study from UCLA:

    I believe it's been corroborated by researchers at a few different universities now, since the news article interviewed a few.

    Good luck!

  7. SFF is so important! Thanks for reminding us all! Good post! I did just a review on AVON's mineral lipstick, so no parabens and SPF 15! Check it out!

  8. Good post! It's important to wear SPF.

  9. I reccommend C O Bigelow Mentha Lip Balm Stick with SPF's my fave chapstick ever and is really minty. I bought it at Bath and Body Works, I do not know if it available anywhere else, but it's so amazing..super soft and soothes! (Also I'm a huge animal lover and it is not tested on animals!)

  10. wow really? scary!! there's been so many weird news about lipstick, having lead, being poisonous and now cancer! yikes

  11. Thanks for this great post. I'm super careful about SPF all the time lol, my chapstick is SPF 75 since I go running a lot. Yay for sun protection. ^^

  12. Wow - a lot of you guys commented to this!! Thanks. Truthfully... Ha ha... I wrote this at 12 last night so... couldn't remember what I put. BUT YES, SPF IS VERY VERY IMPORTANT!

    Hi Shop N' Chomp, I know that SPF irritates people sometimes. Hopefully you find some that can give you good protection.

    No problem Chommie, I'm glad I can bring some awareness just because it is so easy to avoid and protect. Just need to be more concious of what you are putting on your lips.

    e.motion in motion, there are SPF everywhere in lipsticks. But if you find a good lip balm w/ one I'm sure that'll be great protection.

    Fifi - no worries. W/ SPF I'm sure it'll reduce your risks greatly.

    You're welcome, coffretgorge. Gotta check out those YSL lipsticks soon. I hear so many great things bout them.

    Catherine - Yay, thanks for the studies!! I actually did this project and turns out lip balms w/ SPF really do protect you from the sun. People might think that actual sun screen do the best work but lip balms protects really well. I was very surprise by my results.

    NV - How nice. And Avon is so affordable too!

    Rai - Glad you agree!

    Spifftiff88 - I didn't know CO Bigelow has SPF in their products! I ADORE THEIR MENTHA LIP STUFF!! Thanks for this info!

    amynaree - EEK - I guess w/ anything, there is always a bad side effect. Just always be careful!

    Kalmo - SPF 75!! HA HA I guess you're all set! You didn't need me to tell you anything!!

  13. Thanks for this post!! *Runs out and buys a SPF lipbalm* =)

  14. I don't know what took me soo long to follow you! Glad that I am now!! Love your blog! :)

  15. Hi Annoiii :D Yes, make sure you have one that you can protect your lips with!

    Thanks Mocha Mish Mash!! I adore reading your blog to. Love meeting new people and sharing the same hobby - make up :D


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