Saturday, January 30, 2010

Neutrals Are My Best Friends

I haven't felt like writing anything in a while. I don't know why but I am exhausted and I feel like I wouldn't make much sense if I'd write a review or something. But, I do want to write something quickly before I go, so:

My 10 Fav. Shadows!: Not my top 10... I thought this was my top but then I thought about it again and I decided that no... I like a lot more than just these. But the idea is to not choose 2 colors from the same palette... so you'll see more diversity here. Most of these are drugstore products. Definitely check these out when you stop by CVS or Walgreens or something.

Not in any particular order!

#1: Maybelline's Beach Blush - I think this is Maybelline's newer formulation due to the dark brown packaging. This color really brings out my brown eyes. Don't know why! Very very pretty chocolate milk kinda color with a bit of silver shimmer (not so much though). Nice lasting power... pigmentation can be better.

#2: Lancome's Bikini Golden - very pretty light golden color. Very nice for lid shade. Very pigmented and easy to blend. Lasting power could be better.

#3: WnW's palette in Mojave Mauve - gorgeous taupe! GORGEOUS!! Looks great on the lid!! Or in the crease for a more subtle look. Very nice and shimmery and just amazing texture.

#4: Revlon's quad in Coffee Bean - LOVE LOVE LOVE this for my lid or as a blender shade (you know when you blend the edges of a darker shadow you use something close to your skin tone). But as you can tell, this is not just your typical nude shade. It has a cool undertone which makes it very unique. Really pretty and matte. Great for an everyday look. Just very versatile.

#5: Maybelline's Chai Latte - I use this everyday for my brows. It looks so good and natural on me! Great as a crease shade or liner shade. Even for a matte smokey look. Just a great shade!

#6: NYX's Root Beer - this color is LOVE! LOVE LOVE LOVE (Lady Gaga). The only complaint is the staying power. But this color has a plummy undertone so it is just unique!

#7: L'Oreal's HiP Duo in Sassy - this taupe color is so awesome! Use it for a smokey look or crease shade. AH - it is just gorgeous. Texture is amazing! This is the best shade EVER (MAC's Satin Taupe dupe).

#8: ELF's Butternut quad - My first neutral quad. I use this color as lid shade a lot! Also for subtle look I put it in my crease. Honestly - this is just a lovely bronzy, golden color. Goes with everyone I feel like.

#9: CoverGirl's Tapestry Taupe - another really unique color w/ a taupe look but silver undertone. VERY PRETTY. Of course, CG's singles are harder so texture isn't the best and pigmentation can be better. But I love this color for my lids. It just looks fantastic.

#10: ELF's Drama quad - the gray (not darkest) is so useful! I didn't think I want a quad w/ blacks and grays but this has helped me w/ so many things. More than I could imagine. Really great for lining and just deepen whatever shade is in the crease. Wish it would blend a bit easier but not hard to work with.


So these are my favs! Honorable mentions are:

NYX: Iced Mocha
Revlon quad: the coppery shade below the one I mentioned
ELF quad: The darker shade in the ELF
MAC's: sketch
mark: Minx

Just a bunch more! I've had pictures of all of these all over my pages so feel free to check it out.


I just want to know: What are some of your favorite shades?



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  2. I love neutrals! Great picks! I use Bikini Golden to highlight below the brow :D I like the nice golden sheen. I like the Butternut quad, I do wish mine was more pigmented though :( On the other hand, the Drama quad I have is love! Everything is pigmented beautifully. I'll have to try out the rest of your picks too, esp, the maybelline & revlon!

    Oh, I was wondering how come your drama quad is rectangular? All of my ELF quads are the triangle ones :( I think I'd prefer that style a lot better, as I have a harder time digging in the corners of the triangle quads to get every bit of shadow XD

    My fav everyday shades are of course the ELF quads in Drama & Butternut too! My FAV-fav was this coppery brown shade from the ELF Nymph Dreams quad as well, but that ran out :( I also use Urban Decay matte e/s single in Shakedown... it's a nice taupe shade :D

  3. Gorgeous neutral picks! I wish I lived in US so these are more acecssible!

  4. Hi Troules - love to see a new name in the comment section! I'll def. check your blog out.

    UmaPreve - :D I know. I own mostly neutral shades!

    e.motion in motion - I love that you love the ELF quads! They were some of my first eye shadows ever and I feel like they eased me into doing eye make up :D But I don't know why my Drama quad is in rectangles. I actually bought this one at Ross, not the site... so maybe that's why! Hmmm maybe I'll check out the Nymph Dreams quad when I next purchase ELF!

    Annoiii - Aww - yeah, well a lot of these shades you can purchase online. NYX and ELF at least!

  5. Hehehe, you do love your neutrals and especially your taupes! I love taupes too, but I actually quite hated MAC Satin Taupe. I had it from the Holiday '08 Smokey Eye palette but I ended up swapping the whole thing away. Satin Taupe was weirdly red-toned on me and always made me look a little sick. I guess I like my taupes darker or more grey.

    My two favorite neutral eyes are probably:
    Lid: UD Underground (taupe)
    Crease: UD Twice Baked
    Tearduct: UD Half Baked

    Lid: MAC Cocomotion
    Crease: MAC Museum Bronze or Copperized
    Tearduct: MAC Jardin Aires

    I just recently picked up the Laura Mercier Petite Eye Palette in Warm from the last holiday collection and it is fabulous! Funny enough, the lid shade Bamboo is basically exactly the same as UD Underground, except less foily. I got it to use as my interviews palette.

  6. I'm totally disappointed by those Maybelline and Lancôme palettes. I don,t have them in the same shades as yours, but it just don,t show up on my lids. I hate them. I was hoping something really better from Lancôme, especially! But I'm glad it works on you. Maybe it's juste me -_-

  7. i love neutrals as well because you can't go wrong with them! i'm trying to branch out and buy more fun colors but i end up never using them anyways

    thanks for the swatches!

  8. Hi Catherine - well it seems like you really like your UD shadows huh! I do admit - they look very pretty when I swatch them at the store :D

    Gaby - Aww - that sucks that those palettes didn't work out. It happens though. It is hard to find colors that would even show up or look decent.

    Amynaree - I know! I thought about getting more colorful shades but I just wouldn't wear them unless I'm going out or something. But neutrals are def. my best make up friends!

  9. I saw that you compared L'oreal HIP eyeshadow in Sassy as a dupe of MAC's eyeshadow in Satin Taupe. I heard that Covergirl Tapestry Taupe is a dupe. Are they similar in colors? They seem different from your swatch, but it's hard to tell at times when applied to the eyes... hehe~

  10. Wow, thank you for taking the time to do all those swatches and writing up this awesome list! I heart neutrals too. Have been hearing a lot of great stuff about Revlon's quad in Coffee Bean.

  11. Ahleessa - I think CG's Taupe Tapestry is a lot lighter, has more shimmer quality to it. Plus the taupe from Sassy has a bit of a plummy and warmer tone than the CG's Taupe Tapestry which has a silver undertone. So I don't think they are similar at all. But both awesome awesome colors :D Taupe Tapestry actually is more wearable because it isn't as dark. It's easy to go smokey w/ the taupe in Sassy.

    Shop N' Chomp - No prob! I was already swatching it and then decided to post my top 10!


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