Monday, January 11, 2010

Speak up. Shy Ronnie, speak up.

Has anyone seen this SNL Digital Short? I love SNL and especially these digital short videos!

The vid is flipped... so right is left and left is right type thing. Anyways, this is sooo hilarious! Andy Samburg (sp?) is always so funny and he plays nerdy guys all the time. He's awesome.

Anyways, Rihanna's make up looks so cool that I had to try it out. Obviously my look is not as good... but it seems like a regular dark smokey eye... so I just went w/ what I think consist of a black smokey eye.

Tah Dah! Very simple. I just use the dark gray from my Revlon Illuminance Creme Shadow and then used my ELF Drama quad (the darkest color) all over the lid. Blend the top edge with some nice warm brown color from my ELF Butternut quad. And then do my usual highlight.

** I tried to highlight my face but I didn't have a decent face highlighter so I thought I'd just use some eye shadow. Um... not a good way to go. I looked so oily! YIKES. So my goal is to find a decent (drugstore) highlighter just in case I need it :D

Can't remember what is on my lips... perhaps my Victoria's Secret Very Sexy Lipstick in Sweet Nothing. Pretty nudy color.


  1. Thanks amynaree! I love them too, so easy to do :D

  2. LMAO at the vid! Andy Samburg's so funny! XD

    What a beautiful FOTD, sweetie.

    P.S Yay to you having no major boo boos on your car! *crosses fingers too*

  3. Hello again!

    LOL at the video. I think you did a wonderful smokey eye, your look very pretty and sultry. ^^ As for a drugstore highlighter, I heard the Wet n' Wild Bronzer in Acapulco Glow is supposed to be really good!

  4. i love that video of shy ronnie! its hilarious! thanks for sharing your lotd!

  5. I think you pull of smokey eyes really well. It's look very natural on you. I think it's because you're on the darker side. It looks so dramatic on me because I'm on the pale side *sigh*... hehe~

    How are Victoria's Secret lipsticks? I have never tried them and curious if they have a long lasting color? Are they pigmented?

    Did you go to CVS again? How was the sale section this time around? Did you get anything?

  6. Thanks - yeah I enjoy doing smokey eyes but only worn it out like once or twice. Maybe that's a goal for 2010!! More smokey eyes!

    I'm glad you guys enjoy the vid. I love it! it is so funny.

    Oh and Ahleessa, I did go back to a CVS and picked up a paint thing from L'Oreal. I was gonna get some lipsticks too but they smelled so bad.
    And the VS lipsticks are pretty pigmented and decently moisturizing too :D

    Thanks Kalmo for the suggestion! I'll definitely look into it.

  7. omg amazing look! i was gonna replicate this look too. i'll do it soon!

    new follower here. check out my blog:

  8. LOL! That skit was funny.

    Love your look, the lip is the favorite part!
    I'm loving highlighters these days. It just gives such a lovely glow to my face.


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