Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Sassy Lady!

No, my titles never make any sense...

BUT: this post is a review for the L'Oreal HiP duo Sassy and Sculpted. I've heard about them so much that I decided to get both. The best part was: I swapped for them! Yay. So I didn't really have to pay for much. Can you guys believe this and my Chai Love You lipstick is all that I own from L'Oreal? I guess it doesn't appeal to me as much.

Okay, so let's get to it:

Swatches for Sassy:

- BEAUTIFUL texture!! So soft!!!!!
- Amazing to blend.
- The taupe color is amazing: Satin Taupe dupe!! W00t.
- Decent staying power

- The darker bluer color looks beautiful in the pan... but not swatched or on the eye
- The colors together can be so MUDDY! The blue color will eventually just turn into the taupe color. I hated that.
- If you want a better pigmentation then use a cream shadow underneath. As you can see from the swatches, the top has cream shadows underneath. This step is important especially if you want that blue color to stand out. I think using like a white or lighter shadow will help.

Overall - I think it's worth it just for that taupe color. Honestly, that color is LOVE!!!!! And the texture is amazing! AMAZING :D I wore that taupe color all over my lids for New Years and for a party I went to on Monday night... (yeah, partying on Monday night! crazy college kids, let me tell you! Ha ha... just joking).

Swatches for Sculpted:

- NICE pigmentation. You don't really need a cream shadow base (orimer base is needed though... for any shadows really)
- Very soft and nice texture (although not as nice as the Sassy duo)
- The pink color is nice as a lid color because it is wearable. Not BRIGHT pink... ya know.

- The purple on the eyes leave very little purple. It looks very much like a dark, sorta almost just black color. Pretty red shimmers though.
- The darker purple also looks like a BRUISE color... so... becareful with that one. Use precise control!

Overall: I really like the pink but I didn't fall in love w/ the colors like I did w/ that taupe color from Sassy. However, I think this is pretty nice and the colors work together well. Cute colors for Valentines Day :)


I hope everyone is having a good day. Mine's not bad so far. First day of school did not SUCK... whoo hoo! It was actually pretty good :D Very odd, indeed.

BY THE WAY: I finally saw The Proposal and I really like it! I like because the story was cute. It was overly romancy and also Ryan Renolds is certainly a MAJOR eye candy. LOVE HIM! AND - Love Sandra Bullock. OMG, she made me laugh just as she did in Miss Congeniality. If you are a chick-flick kinda gal... I recommend it... the kiss at the end was very sweet... UNLIKE the kiss in "He's Just Not That Into You". Justin Long needs to learn how to on-screen kiss better!

I am at work so I am still able to write. Thanks for reading! Hope you guys stay tuned for more!


  1. I own Sassy and love it!
    BTW, if you didn't know already that taupey brown color is a dupe for MAC Satin Taupe.

  2. Hi Rai! Yes - and now I know why people love that shade so much! I really really like it!

  3. Ryan Reynolds is a cutie. Thanks for the rec! :) Those are some beautiful eye shadows you got there. Great to hear your first day went well!

  4. Those eye shadows look really pretty. I love taupe colors as well, perfect for everyday. Glad to hear your first day of school went well. ^^ I liked The Proposal too, the wedding scene was super pretty and romantic.

  5. Ooh, pretty new shadows! I used to have a few of the H.I.P. duos but now I only have one - Showy, because of the AMAZING teal in it. I don't think I've even ever touched the other side lol. I finally gave up on them because the texture is just so hit and miss with the duos, I think. I only ever used one side of each duo lol.

  6. i LOVE the brown e/s in sassy! i tried the blue and brown together before and it was NOT pretty!

  7. I know Chommie - I had the same problem!

    I'll have to check that duo out, Catherine, because the HiP line is definitely drawing me in :D

    Kalmo: Oh I know! The whole entire time I thought he was gonna end up w/ the younger girl. I just really liked the ending :) I was very surprise too, which is very odd for a chick flick. Those are usually predictable.

    Shop N' Chomp: YES! I totally agree :D I love that we agree Ryan Renolds and Sam Worthington are both very good looking men :D

  8. The E/s Are Beautiful! I don't own any Hip Duos Yet, Now I really WANT Sassy ... Lol


  9. I've heard so much about the Sassy duo and the taupe being a dupe for Satin Taupe (MY favorite MAC shadow LOL)...since I own Satin Taupe I passed. I have the Sculpted duo and love it! The purplish shade is supposedly a dupe for MAC's Beautymarked


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