Friday, January 15, 2010

Pucker UP!

So I'm looking through some pictures that I've uploaded and edited and decided to finally write something about them!

First is my latest lipstick purchase (I haven't purchased a single lip thing since... I want to say May 2009).

This lipstick (I'm a bit mad at myself) I purchased FULL price at the drugstore. I don't know, it was one of those impulses. I was there... I saw it... and I WANTED IT! Ha ha. It wasn't calling to me like the Lord of the Ring's ring... but pretty close. I kept going back to it and I was like THAT IS IT! I am just gonna get it. If I don't like it I'll return it (maybe... I don't quite know what the policy is).

So, here it is:

The Revlon Color Burst lipstick in Soft Rose. I knew which color I wanted to get because I read this DUPE alert from Recessionista. YUP YUP.

Here's a swatch:

Now, do I like this???

Well, it doesn't do much for my dry winter lips, that's for sure. I'm quite sure it irritated it more, actually. Also, it has a nicer staying power than a lot of my other lipsticks BUT it does the thing where it is darker on the edges and lighter on the inside (very annoying... and actually gross looking especially if you are talking to people all day).

The only thing I truly truly love from this Color Burst line is the PACKAGING!! AHH so pretty!! I love the design. It looks so sleek. It's like having something fancy from the drugstore you know! Very nice.

The color... I'm not crazy about it. It is a nice Rosy color which I think would suit me better in the spring or something. Generally, I think lighter and nuder colors are just more wearable. Although shades like this makes you look more dressed up and more polished.

Finally, do I recommend this? I honestly think if you really want to try a new product - GO for it! It is nothing bad but it is nothing I would buy again. Why? Because it is really nothing that special. I'm sorry but there aren't many shades to choose from and none of them really shout out to me. Don't buy this at full price like me - I'm a dummie. But I don't think I'm gonna return mine. I think it might be okay as long as I have a good lip balm underneath.

I hope this helps some of you who are in the market for some lipsticks!


Also, I took swatches of this other lipstick:

It is Maybelline Extreme Moisture in Windsor Rose, another pink lipstick.

From close up, I think the flash makes it warmer than it actually is. It is definitely on the cool side but I think it could work on a lot of people. For me, I have to warm it down with a gloss - like a warmer color.

So, this is how I did this (COMPLICATED for a lipstick! I know) but I put on some lip balm (which Soft Lips isn't do ANYTHING for me right now!), then put some NYX Circe on to tone down the natural pigmentation of my lips. Finally I put on the lipstick, and eventually ended it with a nice peach gloss over it.

URGH - so many steps. Probably not worth it but I still enjoy using it time and time again. It is nicely moisturizing and it is VERY pigmented. I love the Maybelline Moisture Extreme because they are very pigmented sometimes. And sometimes they are sheer but in a good way.

Do I recommend this: NO, there are better lip colors out there but if you see this swatch and you're thinking "I LIKE IT!", then get it. No harm done there.


Hooray, I'm trying to use up all the new pictures I've uploaded so I can finally take more pictures and get more ideas for future posts.

I hope you guys enjoy!

Oh ha ha... I will end this post with a picture... I'm sure you gals will ENJOY this one... Well, at least I do:

AHH!! HOT!!!

Ha ha, check out those 6 packs!! OR SHOULD I SAY THOSE Rectus Abdominus (yes, I'm a dork!)


  1. Oooh, I love the Rose one on you!!

    Earlier in my makeup wearing career I was also under the impression that lighter, nude lipsticks were easier to wear and more natural looking... but really I was just kidding myself as I have fairly pigmented lips and eventually I finally realized that the light colors were really just not doing anything for me. SO actually told me once when I was wearing a darker/brighter lip that he liked it much better than the "ones lighter than your skin color" because "they make you look kind of sick." LOL.

    That being said I do really like the pink one on you too. I think it's nicely medium-toned. =)

  2. Hi Catherine! NO I totally know what you mean. When I say nuder... I guess I should say neutral colors - like my Chai Love You lipstick. I can't wear nude/light colors. Ah, maybe I should change that. Thanks for the suggestions!

  3. I like maybelline moisture extreme lipsticks too, much more than the watershine ones (which I find too sheer for my liking).

    Ryan Reynolds is no doubt, hot! But I've never liked any of his movies. His acting is just... blah. Lol.

  4. Yum...I'll be having some sweet dreams tonight after looking at that pic. :D Hee hee...I know what you mean about really wanting something. Calling to you like the Lord of the Ring's ring huh? Were you going "My precious..."? ;) Thanks for the reviews, babe!

  5. Windsor Rose looks really nice!
    I've been meaning to pick up some of those.

    I haaaaate to pay full price for anything in a drug store, it's always higher.
    Like those new Maybelline lipsticks are $5 at Walmart, but in CVS they are like $7.49 (??)..

  6. Ha ha - no Shop N' Chomp, actually it was saying "I see you, NDOODLES!" Horrifying experience! You can imagine why I bought it then :D

    I know Rai, drugstore things are just not meant to be bought full price. Just not worth it. Sometimes I need to practice some patience.

    Hi Fifi, Ryan Renolds movies are not the best! But perfect if you don't want to think and just want to watch some stupid chick flick or something.

  7. i like the packaging for the revlon lippie too! it's so nice and sleek but too bad it's drying! right now my lips are super dry and chapped so i have tried to stay away from wearing lipstick cuz itll look horrible on my cracked lips!

    both colors look great on you but def loving the maybelline one more!

  8. I also don't like to pay full price on Drugstore Makeup. I think the only thing I have EVER paid FULL Price was a Physicians Formula Powder because I was in need.>_<

    I Agree With Catherine Rose look Good on you =D


  9. I think both lippies are pretty on you. Hopefully you'll get more wear of the Colorburst when the weather warms up since it's kind of drying.

    I wanted to buy one of the Colorburst lippies, but find it's hit or miss finding the right shade because they're all sealed--which is a good thing sanitary-wise, but not good for seeing what the shade really looks like. :( Jessica Alba looks gorgeous in the promo pic, but I don't wear red lips often.


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