Friday, January 1, 2010

Makeup Routine

Here's my makeup routine - not for everyday but for school and stuff, if I have time, I will usually go down this road.

I usually take 10-15 mins to do all of these 10 steps! PHEW!

1) Foundation - I just use this on trouble spots. This Rimmel Lasting Finish gives great coverage and really lasts a long time! I use this sparingly b/c foundation does have that heavy feel on me.

2) Powder - I set my foundation w/ this awesome mattifying powder. Works so great to reduce shine (mostly in the summer).

3) Bronzer - My complexion looks ghastly without bronzer. Need this to look ALIVE! My Rimmel bronzer has been faithful to me and never lets me down.

4) Blush - I always always always wear blush! EVERY DAY! If I leave the house, I will have blush on! I think I go to my Jane's Blushing Petal when I don't know which color to choose. It is my default blush - no doubt.

5) Eyebrows - I can't believe I forgot this step! I usually deepen my brow color using Maybelline's Chai Latte quad and use the really dark matte brown color! I do this almost everyday.

5) Eye shadow - I don't always wear eyeshadow... this step I skip often because I don't have time but when I do have a bit of time to spare, I put some primer on and then I put on a color that can stand alone and look nice and natural. Beach Blush from Maybelline is so great for that and it really makes my eyes stand out!

6) Eyeliner - If I put on shadow, I will have to also put on liner. And everyone now knows that I trust this liner to do its job... and it lasts all day. It is just perfection! Ha ha :D Revlon's Colorstay Eyeliner

7) Eyelash curler - Will ALWAYS curl my lashes if I wear mascara. I used to skip this step but it makes SUCH a difference!! I tell ya - people are crazy to skip this step.

8) Mascara - I love mascara. It makes me look... nice in a subtle way. I adore this CoverGirl's Professional Volume mascara. SO CHEAP. Oh and I don't wear waterproof - too much work to take off.

9) Gloss - If I don't want to wear lipstick - I stick to gloss. Just really concludes the look and I don't look too made up or anything.

--> Now, this goes in order. On a really early morning when I take sleeping to be more important than makeup, I just do bronzer, blush, brows and gloss. I skip everything else.

--> If I were to shadow - I have to do liner and mascara. So if I'm running late, I just do mascara - IF I HAVE TIME TO CURL MY LASHES. Ha ha... that's my process.


So the new year is upon us! I'm planning to go and get a bunch of new products that were released. I'm very excited to see CoverGirl, Revlon, Maybelline, and Rimmel put out new products!

Maybelline's new eyeshadow palettes; Are these NEW or is it just me?? These are swatches from Lipglosseater.

Maybelline's Shine Sensational Lip Glosses; They sound so awesome! Thanks for the review Recessionista!

W00t! Covergirl's Shadowblast. These things look ridiculously awesome!


Have a great 2010!!


  1. love your new layout!

    thanks for sharing us with your routine!

    and i believe those are the new lines! i cant wait to get my hands on the new e/s palettes!

  2. What a fab post! Thanks for sharing your routine, sweetie. :)

    "I always always always wear blush!" That is me too!

    I think the Maybelline e/s palettes are new. I saw 'em at CVS the other day and was like "OOh, what are these?" Hehe.


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