Saturday, January 23, 2010

Sales Are Just Marvelous!

So after hearing about all of these amazing deals going on at CVS and Walgreens - I HAD TO CHECK IT OUT! And I am so happy I did because I bought stuff that I wanted for 75% and I am really happy w/ a lot (if not all) of my purchases!

So at CVS:

- Milani Glimmer Stripes in Honey Glimmer
- Milani Sunset Duo in Sunset City
- L'Oreal's HiP Paint in Nervy

All 75% OFF!!

And then before that I went by Walgreens and picked up:

- Milani shadow single in Java Bean
- Rimmel's nail polish in Milk Chocolate

Both were $2.19!!

So AMAZING finds! In a way - I'm glad these were on sale. If not for that, I don't think I would try them out. But then again, they are discontinued so too bad I like them... they're gone forever huh?

Sorry this post isn't that interesting! I'd try to write more but I'm so tired...

BEEN WATCHING FIGURE SKATING ALL DAY!!! Ha ha ha--- yes. Love that.

Stay tune b/c I want to write a review on my Milani products.

Guess what??? The Sunset City is very similar to the ELF Studio Blush/Bronzer combo. If you don't like to order things online... this might be the sale for you. CHECK OUT YOUR CVS!! QUICK.

- remember, they might not have the sticker but they are on sale. Just get it and bring it to the counter.

Wanna end the post w/ happy pictures I found on my camera:

San Diego w/ the family last summer;

My doggy - cute as ever :) (he's barking like crazy right now though)


  1. Oh super great haul, I love drugstore sales! 75% off is a dream. Oh lucky, I've been searching for the Milani Sunset Duo ever since I saw it on one of Emily Noel's videos! I can never find it. I need to head to CVS quick. I love the milky taupe nail polish too.

    Awww thanks for sharing the personal pictures, you look so gorgeous and happy! :D

    Did you hear they're opening CVS 360 stores? I think they're supposed to be like Sephora?? Kind of exciting.

    I love watching figure skating too. ^^

  2. Milani Glimmer Stripes look gorgeous! And your dog is adorable ^^

  3. Discounts make the world go round! =D

    And I loooooooove that Honey Glimmer! The first 2 rows are like the perfect highlight.

    That photo makes me want to go to the beach. lol @ your dog.

  4. Nice haul! Which ones you like and which ones you didn't?

  5. Just started following your blog, and i really like your san diego photo... Nice Haul~~ and HOORAY for DISCOUNTS!!

  6. Nice haul!! Love the beach picture and your doggie is so cute teeheehee. :D

  7. i love sales! tell me how that milani bronzer works for you :)

    your doggie is cute!

  8. Hey Kalmo - yeah I heard about the CVS 360 but I don't think they have it in AZ yet. SAD... I hope that you find the duos somehwere. And I'm glad we both love figure skating! Can't wait for the Olympics!!!

    The glimmer stripes is actually really pretty, Gaby... and a very much on the shimmery side (obviously ;p).

    Rai - thanks to you I was able to buy these without having to look for the stickers. Pretty awesome.

    He is cute but he does bite, ning*star. My dog is a bit on the crazy side.

    Hi Ahleessa - So far, I like them all actually. Crazy huh! I really enjoy the paint - so much better than the Revlon's Illuminance Creme Shadows. I have the nail polish on right now and I wore Java Bean couple of days ago :)

    Hi Blogger :D Thanks for commenting! Yes, I love sales - especially 75% OFF!!

    Hi Catherine! I love the beach too! Hopefully I can come back soon. I live in the desert so I need some water.

    Chommie - I will definitely write a review on it. The colors are very pretty in the duo.

  9. Awesome hauls! :D Aw, your doggy is so cute!

    For the SkinMD, I'd reccommend it more for daytime but that's because I don't like adding product to my face too often. I did use it day and night for about 3 days though, with no ill effects, so I think it can be used whenever (:

  10. great drugstore hauls! i have nyc milk chocolate. can't wait to use it. such cute pics of you and your doggie!! aww!

  11. great deals!!! i keep seeing posts about the awesome stuff people find but i just don't seem to have that luck! the last time i went i only saw a few items that i didn't really care to get

    love that picture of you, you look so happy!

  12. Wow, AMAZING finds is right! Can't beat 75% off! I have "Java Bean" too. It's a pretty color. :) Love your SD (you look soo happy :) and doggy (cutie pie) pics!

  13. Amynaree - that's how I felt too but some items are on sale - they're just not marked. WEIRD... if only I knew that sooner *sigh* :P

    Shop N' Chomp - I love the beach! It was a lot of fun!!

    Annoiii - thanks!! He can be a devil though ;p

  14. I heart drugstore sales! It's the best time to try out brands and/or products your not too sure about but are hopeful will be a find! 75% is amazing! I went to my CVS last night and didn't see anything left worth getting in the sale, but I did pick up another CG lip color that's being discontinued! I got the last one of the color that I wanted! Yeah!

    LOVE your doggie! He's too cute! =)

  15. Hi, I tagged you!! And your the new winner of the Milani polish contest!!


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