Wednesday, January 6, 2010

New Years Resolutions?

This is REALLY REALLY odd... but this year, I don't really feel like doing resolutions. Is it because things never work out? Maybe. Last year, I wanted to be more involved in my school and it was fun for half of it - going to football games and some pep rallies. But trying to find time to join clubs (or find a good club...) not so much.

*** TANGENT!!! ***

Story: My friend and I was interested in this club called "Saving the World and Having Fun While Doing It" club. I was like - YES! Sounds perfect. But then their meeting time was at 6pm on Friday and I was like... okay... this is getting odd. Finally, (mid of semester) we decided to keep w/ our resolution and check the club out. As soon as I walked in there... I knew we would not fit in. They all looked so nerdy and hippy-ish... sitting around playing video games. You know those people - the same people you can find lounging at the manga/anime section of Borders or the library (I like manga/anime but those people are just scary). I just did not feel the vibe.

*** TANGENT over ***

I also feel like 2009 has been one of the crappiest years but with drama that I, myself, am not responsible for therefore can't do anything about it.

But I do feel like I should set some goals for myself in 2010 so let's get to it:

1) Try to be more social and hang out with my friends more (I get into this habit of getting lazy and not wanting to go out... I am a bit of an anti-social sometimes and I need to get my butt up and go mingle!)

2) Making new friends (this is a goal I set EVERY year! Sometimes I succeed and sometimes I fail. But mostly, I need to make friends w/ more straight guys. Ha ha. Yes, I have tons of girl-friends and gay-friends. I need to meet more straight guys)

3) Use more, buy less (need to use what I have and stop buying things so often. My budget has been set at $20 and will go down and as I manage stronger control my addiction. But so far, I've been doing well. I keep a list of things I buy and try to be honest about how much I spent and such. It really helps. Right now, I'm done w/ January. How sad is that. It's only been a WEEK!)

4) Talk less, do more (I always make goals like this but never do them. This time I will do them!! End of that :D My friends and I are planning to go to Hawaii for Spring Break. I KNOW, it'll be expensive but it's one of those things where we should just do it and talk about it less)


Anyways, I should leave now w/ a FOTD just to make this somewhat beauty related.

This look is called "Best of Both Worlds"

CoverGirl's Tapestry Taupe and MAC's Sketch



Really want to know what your resolution is?


  1. LOL. I think I always force myself to do New Year's resolutions whether I feel like it or not, just because it is a good time to reaffirm ongoing goals. Good luck on your resolutions!

    (& LMAO. I totally know what you mean about that club. Those people scare me too. ;_;)

    Very pretty FOTD! I love how Tapestry Taupe looks!! I might have to go find it now teehee. Love your lippie too, it's like the perfect berry!

  2. Aw thanks Catherine! Tapestry Taupe is a great color. If only Covergirl can make their shadows have better texture.

    Also, I was in a hurry and forgot to resize those pics! YIKES.

  3. Oh, I love that lippie on you! What did you use? :) I'm totally with you on the Hawaii trip. The hubs and I are aiming to make it happen this year. Let's cross our fingers together on this one!

  4. Oh no! I've turned you onto a life of crime! XP

  5. Ha ha :D I think the lipstick color is Maybelline's Moisture Extreme in Rum Raisin... but I'm NOT sure.

  6. I love your goals!

    Cute look. I think I'll get Sketch. Looks like a good crease, outer v color.

  7. I agree! But sketch can be use lightly as a nice sorta smokey lid color too :) Very versatile.

  8. You know ever time I look at your pictures I say to myself "you look like someone but I can't pinpoint who it is." Now I think I can pinpoint it... lol~ You look like my friend's daughter. She's a cutie-pie! :)

    They say the eyeshadow from CG in Tapestry Taupe is a dupe of MAC's Satin Taupe. ;) Do you agree if you even swatched Satin Taupe?

    You should definitely get Timeless Nude from Revlon. It's such a gorgeous color. I've been wearing that color a lot recently... hehe~


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